Enjoy Carolina Breeze, a fun sporty boat for coastal cruising and learning to sail.
The Carolina Breeze is a great performing boat that is very responsive and helps students learn quickly how to trim sails,
steer, and balance the boat. Passengers will feel the thrill of moving with the wind on the water. The boat is designed with
safety in mind, with sturdy rails and a second control (for the instructor) on the mainsheet.

The cabin space is small, but the cockpit is roomy for a boat of this length. We will adjust the route, amount of sail, and
conditions we will sail in to your comfort level. We are set up to take 2-4 passengers plus two crew comfortably. If there are
5 or 6 passengers in your group, we can manage nicely if one or two passenger are agile, able to shift positions on the boat
and help with boat operations.
Priority Sailing
With a double-reefed mainsail, the boat is very stable. Our dog
Belle came along for the ride with Bagel (the Beagle).
Well-mannered dogs are welcome aboard, and we have life
jackets for dogs available.
Guests can accompany us as we race with the Cape Fear Yacht
Carolina Breeze is in first place at the staring line.