Our most popular offering is our 2 1/2 hour cruise.
We schedule these morning, afternoon, and
sunset, by reservation.  The route we take will be
determined by wind, weather, tide, current, and
guest preference.

We depart from the dock behind Fishy Fishy Cafe,
Southport, NC.

We will arrange special events, such as a
bridesmaids' brunch, bachelor party, business team
training or a family reunion cruise. We are licensed
to take six passengers.  For larger groups and team  
training, we collaborate with other charter
companies in the area to provide multiple boats.
Priority Sailing

Enjoy the thrill of sailing!

We will work with you to plan an exhilarating or
relaxing  adventure, challenging team-building
experience or instructional program.  (See our
Academy page.
New to sailing, have young children, and/or want a
shorter adventure? Try one of our 1 1/2 hour tours.

Harbor Haven Tour

With the release of the movie Safe Haven in February
2013, many people are coming to see the real
Southport for themselves. See sites from the water
where movies and TV shows have been made.


Learn about local marine life and waterbirds while you

Historical/Cultural Tour

View lighthouses and learn about local history and
culture.  For those who are interested in learning about
sailing, we will include information about how sailboats
move, the history of sail, boating safety, and knots. Even
young children can help sail the boat.
The February 2013 issue of Coastal Living had a photo or
our boat,
Carolina Breeze, as the leading photo in the story
"Harbor Haven." Become a part of the picture when you sail
with us.