Frequently Asked Questions
Priority Sailing
What should we wear?

Soft-soled shoes with clean, non-marring soles are a must. Black-soled shoes are likely to leave many marks on the
boat. If your shoes don’t pass inspection on arrival, you will be asked to take them off, or wear shoe covers we provide.
We recommend you carry your boat shoes with you to ensure they are clean.

If you plan to wear a hat, we recommend it have a tie or clip attached. You may want to purchase a hat clip ahead of
time which will prevent your hat blowing off in a breeze. We try to keep hat clips aboard if you need one.

Wear whatever makes you comfortable. Layered clothing, sun glasses and sun protection are strongly advised.

What about suncreen?

Due to orange stains on the boat and light-colored items of clothing, we are now cautioning against using spray-on
No spray-on sunscreens may be used aboard the boat. If you use one, apply before putting on your
clothes and allow it to dry before dressing. It still is likely to stain if light-colored or white clothing gets wet or damp from
perspiration. Many rub-on sunscreens also stain, particularly if they contain avobenzone. Generally sunscreens for
infants won't stain.  It will be best for the boat if bare legs and bare backs with sunscreen aren't in contact with the boat.
If you want to sunbathe, please bring a towel to protect the boat.       

Do we need to bring life jackets?

We recommend that sailing students wear a personal flotation device while actively engaged in sailing. We have Type I
Coast Guard approved personal flotation devices aboard for adults and children to wear in case of an emergency.
These are designed to keep an unconscious victim afloat. We also have some other types of flotation devices persons
may borrow that may suit them better, including inflatable suspenders, super-size adult vests, and infant and child
vests. All children under age 13 must wear a life vest while topside on a recreational boat., according to NC and
Federal boating regulations   If passengers prefer a different style, they are encouraged to bring their own.

Should we bring food and drinks?

We may provide complimentary snacks to our cruising passengers. You are also welcome to supplement with your
food. We have a cooler aboard, and ask passengers to bring their own beverages.  You may bring alcoholic beverages
aboard but may not consume them while underway if you are helping with boat operations.  

What about seasickness?

If your sail is on the river and waterway, we rarely have had passengers get seasick. If you know you have a problem
with motion sickness, you may want to take medication for it in advance. Bonime is a non-prescription drug that works
well. If you take Dramamine, be sure it's the "less drowsy formula." Some people use a prescribed scopolomine patch.
Please use this
only if you have tried it ashore first and have no adverse side effects. Do not eat a lot of rich or spicy
food before sailing. A river sail is always a good alternative if you have a motion problem.

Will we see dolphins?

Bottlenose dolphins are frequently seen around sunrise
and sunset, in areas where there are small fish to eat.  
Occasionally we see sea turtles and leaping rays.

What about birds?

We always see birds. The flight of the colonial water birds across
the water is a breath-taking sight  You will enjoy watching the
antics of Brown Pelicans as well.

Should we bring our children along?

Young children will likely do better with the shorter tour than a
cruise. Toddlers are likely to get restless.

Do we need to help sail the boat?

Extra hands are always helpful while getting in and out of the boat slip, but helping out is not required. If passengers
want to steer or help trim sails, we are glad to give them the opportunity when conditions are safe.

Will we stop off at any places?

When we teach an all-day sailing class, we sometimes go to South Harbour Village, Southport's Yacht Basin, or Bald
Head Island for lunch or dinner.   For cruising passengers, we do not recommend stopping off.

Will this be fun? Yes, if you are adventurous. This boat will give a bouncier ride than a heavy blue-water cruiser. It is a
lot of fun to sail, and much easier to maintain. Come experience the joy of sailing!